Chrome browser slow on corporate network

Chrome is a really good browser and one of its highlights is the speed on starting up and rendering Web pages.

Having it installed on the corporate office workstation, I noticed it was much slower and taking forever to load some really simple stuff.

After some research on Google, I found and tested successfully the following scenario:

  • The proxy server is automatically configured through network policies.
  • Configuring the proxy server directly, without automatic configuration, restores Chrome to its full speed.
For people using Mac and Linux its a pretty straightforward operation. For Windows users such as myself, one might be trapped by security policies that don’t allow changes to proxy configuration by domain accounts.
A workaround for this security policy inhibition is, having local administration rights, to edit the registry:
  • Start/Run the “Regedit” tool
  • Find the key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings”
  • Set the ProxyEnable entry to “1”
  • Create a “ProxyServer” String entry and set it to «your proxy server address»:«port used» (ex:
  • Finally, go to your browser’s LAN settings and disable automatic configuration
Restart Chrome and it should be flying again 🙂

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